Globon has created the only balloon pillar with desinfection accessory.

Take care of your clients

With the disinfection column you show that you are open, that you are attentive to everyone’s safety and immediately give your entrance a festive touch. Now that we can safely go outside again, draw the attention you need with the balloon column and disinfection table. Your business is not only open, it is also hygienic and safe! No problems with individual bottles running out or ‘disappearing’.

This is another way of welcoming!

The disinfection column is suitable for long-term outdoor use

What better way to receive your customers

The basis of our disinfection column is the concept with permanent balloons made from recycled plastic. They cannot be deflated, like normal balloons, and they always look pretty. Therefore, the pillar will last for years. Even when disinfection is no longer necessary, you can create beautiful colored balloon decorations, like a balloon pillar or a standing table. Your initial investment will be payed off in no time.

The permanent balloons are available in any color, including your company logo, or whatever text you want. The column is on a sturdy base that can be easily moved anywhere.

Different options according to your needs

Health is important

If instead of just a table, you prefer to welcome your customers with a pillar and your company logo, it is also possible. Furthermore, you can also add light to the advertising screens. Choose your company logo, or write a message for every occasion! You can add instructions to visit your business on one of the sides, indicate the entrance or exit, or simply welcome them. The possibilities are endless.

Multiple choices

We adapt to your needs

In addition, you can always replace the alcohol dispenser with a product/services letter or a small tablet with information for visitors.

In short, with disinfection column you can choose the model that suits your business the best, anticipating any situation… now and in the future!