Our balloons have no environmental impact

Today we found an article on Hola.com that made us think:


Balloons are perfect for a party, event, showroom, business entrances … whatever. But their environmental impact is huge if users don’t use them properly. Unfortunately this is usually the case. Therefore, should we give up using balloons at our parties?

The environmental impact of traditional balloons:

Research carried out by the European Commission indicates that balloons are very harmful to the environment. Plastic and rubber cause great damage to our habitat.

Wageningen University & Research previously wrote a report titled:

“5 little facts about balloon litter” that reflects the harmful effects of balloons. In the 2018 European Union strategic report we read that plastics represent 70% of marine litter.

Brussels measures:

That is why Brussels plans to ban party items like balloons, as part of the EU Commission’s strategy is to eliminate single-use plastic products. Brussels wants to reduce the pollution caused by plastics since it is harmful to the environment, beaches and oceans.

This must change.

And then we think: This can be done in another way.

Our balloons inserted into the pillars are made of hard, recycled and recyclable plastic, compliant with the RoHS. Therefore, they comply with the guidelines for limiting the use of certain dangerous substances.

But, even more environmentally friendly is that our balloons last almost an eternity.

Our balloons can easily last five years. And when you want to change them, we will! We will include them in our recycling program.

As you can see, Globon.es cares about the environment.