About us

Balloon pillars that last long!

We know from our own experience that a traditional balloon pillar stays pretty for a very short time. Also, if you need to renew them frequently, it will be expensive.

So we thought, could it be done in another way? Yes!

And this is the reason why we developed a new pillar that looks the same or more beautiful. Our challenges? Sustainability and resistance.

The function of Globon.es is to supply pillars for balloons made of plastic balls. Unlike traditional balloon suppliers, Globon.es offers balloon pillars that last for long time without losing quality. This allows organizations to display them at the entrance of the business, present a product or use them as a festive setting for their event with the desired appearance. The use of recycled plastic also contributes to sustainability.

As you can see, the pillars of Globon.es offer many advantages. In addition, holding events and/or promotions in your business is easy and inexpensive, always preserving the image of the company and the quality of the product.

You choose your colours

Our balloons combine perfectly with the colors of your company. They give a professional and festive image.

This is how we like to look

To achieve a festive atmosphere, the decoration has to be beautiful, remain beautiful and above all be durable. With Globon.es this is exactly what you will get.

Balloon pillars and AIDA

That first impression … you only get once.

What is the function of the balloon pillars in the AIDA marketing model?