Balloon pillars that last long!

The advantages of our balloon pillars and arches


We know that costs worry you. And we have taken this into account in the development of our balloon pillars and bows. For this reason, we have tailored it for you. After just four times, you will have your investment back. The quality will remain the same and will last for years. Your financial benefit is therefore much greater!

Always available when you need it pillars make it much easier and cheaper to decorate events in a lush way. They are easy to move and, as they are always beautiful, you can use them again at any time since their appearance will remain the same for many years.

Equipped with lightened advertising

The beautiful long-lasting appearance of balloons is already distinguished from traditional balloon pillars and bows. The standard advertising display with LED lighting provides extra attention value without having annoying cables on the ground, as it is integrated into the structure.

No need to inflate them, and impossible to deinflate

Balloons are an excellent eye-catcher. We loved them when we were kids and they shouldn’t deflate or fly. balloon pillars last 100 times longer without you having to do anything. The balloons are weather resistant, they do not need to be inflated, there is no risk of leakage and they do not go flat.

Environmentally friendly

More and more empty balloons end up in nature, many animals die from the plastic they ingest. The balloon industry maintains that balloons are biodegradable, but in practice this is quite different. It takes decades before they break down and have a clearly visible damaging effect. With our balloons this does not happen.

Long-lasting thanks to recyclable plastic indestructible balloons have been developed following a unique process. As a result: a hard plastic balloon that cannot be deflated. They are also weather resistant and the pillars are equipped with a solid foundation for stable construction. You and your clients will be able to enjoy them for many years.