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From our own experience, we know that a balloon pillar is the best strategy to catch the attention of your customers.

However, traditional balloons stay pretty for a very short time. Also, if you need to renew them frequently, it will be expensive. This is not profitable.

So we thought, could it be done in another way? Yes!

And this is the reason why we developed a new pillar that looks the same or more beautiful and is respectful with the environment.

If you need to make your business more visible, this is undoubtedly the best way to do it. They have a professional, festive and representative appearance. You will begin to see its effects from day one, attracting many people to your business. Test it!


The advantages of our pillars

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Innovative Marketing

Balloon decorations such as the balloon bow and pillar have been decorating many events, such as halls and showrooms for years.

We believe that the decoration can be more beautiful, of better quality and above all more durable.

It does not explode!  

Traditional balloons often deflate in a day or end up loose on the street. The party ends here!

With the colorful bow or pillar from made of recycled plastic, you don’t take that risk!

Always perfect

Available in all colors and with optional advertising screen. They stay pretty for years.

Therefore, your pillar or balloon decoration will always look pretty!

100% sustainable

At we take care of the environment. We have developed an ecological product that we are very proud of.

Our balloons are made with recycled and recyclable plastic.


How long will these balloons last if I keep them outside all the time?

At we give you a 2-year warranty. Although from our experience we can say that our pillars last much longer!

What if I have multiple events and I need different colors?

For this we also have a solution. We have extra ball packs so you can make different color combinations. With this, the budget will be reduced considerably and you will have many different versions, adapted to the type of event you want to carry out.

I only want to use it for one event. Is it possible to rent?

Of course! We think that you can reuse your pillar for many different occasions. However, we give you the option of renting these pillar from one week, and as long as you need it. Our prices are very competitive and, in case you are not sure if it will be a good investment for your business, you can always try this option. Ask for a quote.

Can you order from anywhere in Spain?

Definitely yes. Get in touch with us and we will inform you about the options. Our mission is to reach all parts of the country and fill them with joy.

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