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The desinfection pillar for retail, catering, showrooms and more

Desinfection tables

In these special moments we have experienced the flexibility of our concept. With minor adjustments to the original model, we have been able to make an unique disinfection table. A pillar that catches attention. A product that tells your customers that you are open and that you care about their safety.

A good moment

Not only safety and hygiene need attention, the cheerful appearance also provides a more relaxed atmosphere… Both customer and employee experience a pleasant sensation in these times of stress.


The disinfection table is available with and without a screen, it can display your logo, a symbol or the text that you wish. It goes without saying that the disinfection column includes the dispenser. In addition, several options are possible, such as placing a click frame for additional instructions or LED lighting on the advertising screen.

Tailored to their size

Desinfection tables for kids

Conventional dispensers are fitted to the height of adults. At Globon.es we have designed this model adapted to the little ones.

An ideal welcome

Entering parks, schools and even the doctor like this is something else. They will not feel rejection by the new sanitary rules, but the opposite.

Standard balloon pillar

Make your business more visible

Like other models, the standard column can also be adapted, placing an advertising screen with or without light, instead of a balloon at the upper end.

Let people see that you are open

Choose a strategic spot where to place two pillars like these and let them notice you. For example at the entrance of your business parking lot, or at events such as: baby showers, communions, weddings and any type of celebration.

Make a triumphal entrance for your customers

Balloon bows

Unlike the traditional balloon bow, at Globon.es we have designed a rectangular shape. As a result, our bows fit perfectly into the frame of your entrance. It goes without saying that you can also place the balloon bow in your showroom during a promotion or product presentation.

Balloon bow with billboard

The pillar itself is a unique element, but if the screen is also added, that is a plus. For the presentation of a specific product or topic, the exchangeable sign can receive your visitors in a special way.

Do you have a long-term product presentation or a one-off presentation over a topic? Then the advertising message balloon bow is for you.

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