The AIDA model

At we know well the marketing strategies of the most successful companies in the world.

We are experts in communication, if you are too, you will know the AIDA marketing model. It all starts with attention!

Therefore, it is essential that the first contact with the client is adequate. The first impact will define the customer’s assessment of your business. This is how our brain works.

Balloons fulfill the function of attention in an indisputable way, which is why many companies choose this method to attract their customers. That is why it is important that these do not deflate or lose their color, because it is scientifically proven that our first impression is formed during the first two seconds. This, positive or negative, is the one that lasts and is more difficult to reverse. products ensure that the atmosphere always matches the image you want to convey. And it ensures that your business attracts attention.

Be a real eye-catcher.